Inspired by Knowledge & Amazed by Science

The Future Healthcare Istanbul

MARCH 24-25-26 2021


"Good conference and event to find out what will happen in the future."

Gert Kroon, PranaGEO Ltd ,Cofounder & CEO

"A very successful, well thought-out conference."

Doç. Dr. Halit Yerebakan, M.D. Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Surgery

"The timing is very correct, if we are talking about health, it is very important to have the future in it."

Dr. Ayşegül Çoruhlu, MD, PHD Cellular Biochemistry

"It touches the topics that are impressive, efficient, and pinpoint."

Ufuk Tarhan, Futurist

"It is very important to organize an activity about future healthcare technologies."

Haluk Karabatak, Philips Turkey CEO

"It is very stimulating, useful and good for the emergence of new ideas."

Prof. Dr. Sema Ramazanoğlu, Presidency Healthcare Council

Why Attend

The future of health is here!

The Future Healthcare Conference in Turkey, inspiring sessions will be held with expert speakers: seminal new technologies related to the future of health care, breakthrough treatments, future hospitals, medical artificial intelligence, virtual reality, robotics applications, nano-technology, personalized medicine, wearable technologies, deep learning, popularization of medicine on screens, preventive medicine, the future of OTC, space medicine, next generation medical education"


Impacts of Global Climate Change,
Epidemics and Mega Trends on Health

Conference Program 2021

  • Covid 19 & Global Health System

  • Impacts of Global Climate Change, Epidemics and Mega Trends on Health

  • Brain of the Future

  • Rare Diseases Session

  • Popular Medicine and the Power of the Screens

  • ​Next Generation Medical Education

  • Mechanisms of Autophagy

  • Chronic Diseases and the Future

  • Hospitals of the New Age

  • Mindfulness is the Therapy of Future?

  • Cheerful Face of Medicine

  • CrisPR Genome Editing Therapy and Its Power to Change the World

  • The Future of Preventive Medicine and OTC

  • Fashion of the future: Wearable Technologies

  • Is it possible to live forever?

  • Space Medicine and What It Teaches Us

  • Increasing Power of Patient Associations

  • The Next Level of Medical Devices

  • Shaping the Future of Oral Health

  • Vaccine 2.0

  • How IoT is Transforming the Healthcare ?

  • The Benefits of AR and VR in Healthcare Industry

  • Why is Big Data Important in Healthcare

  • The Potential For Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

  • The Growing Emergence of Robots in Healthcare


Speakers 2021

Speakers will be announced!


Turkey’s biggest healthcare & health technologies conference with an extensive participation.

Future Healthcare Istanbul is preparing to host thousands of participants from different companies and specialists for 3 days.

Health system policymakers, most influential and leading scientists, academicians, clinician health specialists who have pioneering role in the sector, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, C-Level’s of health science, healthcare start-up business, hospital authorities, keynotes and the social media beast healthcare proffesionals are going to participate the Future Healthcare Istanbul Conference. Besides, the conference gives opportunity to contact with hundreds of senior medical students.

Sponsored brands would take their place relating to the various sectoral medium, dijital platforms and social media. The Future Healthcare Istanbul Conference is an excellent and successful platform to share futuristic findings and networks with honorable speakers around the world. Hereby, we will be honored by your participation as a brand to the The Future Healtcare Istanbul Conference in Turkey's most prestigious conferences and events hall, Fişekhane



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Professional Pass: 250 €

Student Pass: 50 €