A new system that can enter and clean the clogged aortic vessel from the groin was developed in Türkiye


With the new prototype developed in Temiz Oda affiliated with Boğaziçi University Life Sciences and Technologies Application and Research Center, it will be possible to clean the lesions by entering the groin and arm instead of open heart surgery in patients with aortic vascular occlusion.

A trial study will start for 1.5-year on animals and be used in humans if successful.

The project, which is believed to create an important added value for Turkey, is planned to be used in hospitals in Turkey by obtaining a 'C' certificate together with the private sector in the coming years.

Source: https://medikritik.com/haberler/tikanan-aort-damari-gelistirilen-sistemle-kasiktan-girip-temizlenecek