FDA Approved MRI Interpreting AI!

MR Yorumlayan Yapay Zeka

With the integration of technologies into health systems, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has become an integral part of physicians' decisions in diagnosis and treatment over the years. At the point we have reached today, these devices are not now just an assistant that produces images. It promises physicians a faster decision-making process by interpreting the image they produce.

The artificial intelligence system integrated into Swoop, a portable MR imaging device developed by the Hyperfine research company, clinically proved this promise and was approved by the FDA.

The company says the AI ​​helps provide segmented images quickly, along with measurements such as ventricular volume, brain alignment, and midline shift (a clinical measure of brain injury).

With the advanced artificial intelligence applications added to the Swoop device, the system has turned into a platform that can be taken to the patient's bedside to evaluate brain health and injuries and to support clinical decisions by analyzing scan images.

The developed system can provide instant feedback for quantitative markers and diagnostic insight into the decision-making process of doctors of various specialties. In this way, a portable MR imaging device goes one step further, allowing physicians to make a rapid transition from scanning to treatment.


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